You are currently viewing I Like You Better When You’re Drunk #TNNS229

I Like You Better When You’re Drunk #TNNS229

I Like You Better When You're Drunk #TNNS229

Jaye Smooth is back and we celebrate by getting him drunk. We didn't necessarily get him drunk. He had a chance to stay sober. We challenged him to not say certain phrases that he is accustomed to saying. He did pretty well except for one phrase. Needless to say, we called it quits after three shots. Otherwise, he would have been totally drunk before we finished the show. One thing we learned, we like him better when he is inebriated. Here's to more drunk podcasts, Jaye Smooth!

Jamie Mack wants to ask us how we would react to someone calling our woman a female dog. Does it matter how big the guy is? What about the setting? Can this man walk away unscathed after such an infraction? I think not. In fact, the only way they are getting to go home "regular" is if I don't love the chick.

Somewhere around this time, Jaye Smooth's liquor starts working and he professes that he is a one-woman man now and forever. Also, the meds stopped punishing his man parts and he can grow to his full potential again. He is so excited. Again, drunk is good!

I use a sexual example to get my co-hosts to recognize how ridiculous the current election is. I choose neither. You should too. Jaye Smooth agrees. Jamie Mack figures out a way to hit that thing by just covering up and being strategic.

One of our slack members adds a topic about being in a relationship and catching your significant other cheating and lying. The issue here is that the person doesn't know that you know of their transgressions. You keep them to yourself. Then many years later, after the relationship is over, you debate whether or not you should tell them that you always knew. Where is that Gong Show gong when you need it?...


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