You are currently viewing I Like Kevin Hart Too. Should I Be Offended? #TNNS40

I Like Kevin Hart Too. Should I Be Offended? #TNNS40

Do the sony email hacks matter at all?
Don’t people have the right to talk about whatever they want in private emails?
Can you be friends and parents to your kids?
How do you raise your daughter differently than your son?

Duke joins the show and compliments the show with his strong opinions and inability to talk about women without using the B word.

We learn that Jamie Mack needs a handyman to fix multiple issues at his new house. Jaye Smooth says this is because his house is a lemon.

Jaye Smooth talks about his naked body search at customs. The TSA agents were confused about his snake basket.

We positioned that the Atlanta Hawks are the nicest team in the league. They are also part of a citywide issue with having superstars.

After the story broke about the Sony email hacks, Jamie Mack decides that he agrees with the theory that Korea is behind the hack. Kim Jong Un continues to put both middle fingers up like a rapper to the paparazzi. But news flash people…Despite the two or three people that seem to be making the rounds at all of the news shows to speak up for African American rights, black people are not really offended by this. We really do like Kevin Hart and agree that the president probably does too.

Besides that, why are we even looking to these A-Holes for morality issues? Why do their opinions matter? I wasn’t going to go see Spiderman anyway. And what kind of hypocrite would I be for being mad at them? I send offensive emails and texts. They are mine to send. If you are nosy, then you may see them too. Honestly, I don’t care what these emails say.

Jaye Smooth doesn’t care one way or the other as long as it doesn’t happen to him. Jamie Mack makes a case for being pro hacker because he wants to know what is going on behind the scenes.

We digress to the misconceptions about Satanism and Jaye Smooth uses this moment to reveal that he truly believes that we all were born from Adam and Eve.

Next Jaye Smooth admits that he has spent the last 40 years chasing women and chilling. And this is why he is not as smart as everyone else. Throughout the show, he didn’t know what the following words meant: Figurative; Literal; Symbolic; Proponent.

Next, we discuss the possibility of being friends and parents to your kids. Even though all agreed that you can’t be both, the guys spread their options across the choices. B Honest complains that men need to stop teaching their daughters that they are princesses for fear of the world being overrun by Entitled Bitches. And one of the hosts reveals that they started selling drugs to make sure their kid wouldn’t get dusty weed....


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