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I Lie Because I Love You Most

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
I Lie Because I Love You Most

The No Nonsense Show Episode #674

Jamie Mack is sitting in layover hell in an airport somewhere in the middle of the country. So Kit joins us for this episode. French immediately expects her to speak for all woman-kind. But she ended up being late more like Jamie Mack.

Black-fishing is where a non-black person takes on attributes or characteristics of black people. You have seen the white model with unnaturally-looking bronzed skin. The Kardashians have been doing it for years. Well, French has had enough of it. Is this because these white girls end up being darker than his naturally black girlfriend? HMM (Jamie Mack is going to smile when he reads that line).

A man is dating two women. To one woman, he lies. To the other, he tells the truth.Which one does he value most? Leave it up to my wife to bring this type of drama into the show. Guess who goes first on this response? Can we go on and say that this is real world experience for him? Or are we just going to call this “hypothetical”? Nonetheless, I lie because I want to protect you from pain.

During the recent Eastern coast gas shortage, people were using anything to store gas. Tupperware, Trash cans, and even trash bags. Why is our culture so selfish?

Should the work wee be shorter? More hours for less days? More days, but less hours? My job is literally killing me.

I Lie Because I Love You Most #TNNS674

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