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I Know A Lot Of Sh*% That I Don’t Know

The No Nonsense Show Episode #626

Jaye Smooth teaches French Reggy about balls. I don't even need to expound on that. Luckily, Smooth doesn't have much knowledge about anything. So it only takes up a couple of minutes of show.

Smooth has a really weird relationship with the ladies he has been with. He just doesn't know when to let go. While trying to get Reggy to do elective eye surgery, he tells us about him taking his daughter's mother to a doctor appointment. She has a man. He has a woman? Either way, get back together or stop being weird.

Jamie Mack admits to not knowing sh*%. He thinks it is time for everyone to admit it. I admit that I don't know sh*&. But I do know a lot of Sh*% that I don't know. Mack avoids that rabbit hole to keep walking us. He spoke with someone the other day for 45 minutes. This guy was a high level scholar (allegedly). He knew words that Mack couldn't comprehend. Meh! I am not so sure that this guy is not just insane. I am not sure that he knows anything. I remember a person that I spoke to one time that made a claim to inventing the world. Far before God and the Big Bang. Maybe we should all admit that most of us are just insane.

Recently, we have been making white people feel guilty for assuming that black people are out to hurt them. How many women have been shamed for locking their car doors or clutching their purse when a black man comes around? God forbid you cross the street when you feel unsafe that a black person is coming. Welcome to 2020 where if you even show the slightest hint of being uncomfortable around a black are a racist. But don't we owe white people more than that? Are we not setting them up for the okey-doke? Please cross the street if you ever feel uncomfortable.

I Know A Lot Of Sh*% That I Don't Know #TNNS626

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