I Fake Forgive You #TNNS315

I Fake Forgive You #TNNS315

Forgive and forget…That is what most people would have you believe is the civilized way to live your life. But what if I don’t forgive you? Isn’t it possible for me to just move past it and go on with my life and not forgive you? We could even still be friends. I’m sure there are still things that I have not forgiven my wife for and we are still very cool. In my opinion, it is more dangerous to pretend to forgive and hold it in.

Jaye Smooth wants to know if someone is born racist, can they ever change? Of course, they can. No human is the same. But just for fun, we compare a racist person to Smooth’s infidelity in the past. Can a cheating dog ever be a faithful husband?

French Reggy wants to know why humans feel the need to mingle with other races. Is it possible that everyone would be happier if the races and nationalities did not mix? I say hecky naw. We need diversity to overcome the obstacles of life.

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