I Don’t Like You And I just Met You #TNNS300

I Don’t Like You And I just Met You #TNNS300

Jaye Smooth wants to tell us about his new promotion. Ever had a really bad boss…Think back…The one you really hated…That’s him. Good luck future employees of Jaye Smooth

Did you guys know that I have the ability to read people’s under-energy? My discernment gives me the ability to filter out the okie dokes before the relationship begins. Jamie Mack wants to argue that you shouldn’t judge someone based on your initial opinion of them. Don’t trust your gut because your gut will lie to you. FALSE! Always trust your gut. Stereotypes are usually correct.

Why is the new generation so messed up? It is because of us. We have ruined them. But coincidentally, I met a large group of highly motivated young people recently. These kids are far better than the norm. This further supports the idea that we have ruined the next couple of generations. I am begging everyone to step up and help a young person. Somebody has to listen to them and then provide some type of lesson. We can’t blame them if we aren’t doing anything.

Dino Redd Joins the show next to talk about his show coming back at the end of the month. July 30th will make exactly one year since the Shiznit Show stopped releasing episodes. It is only fitting that he announces his comeback on our show.

Jamie Mack continues down his road to debauchery. Recently he found himself in the middle of a polygamist pool party. Not only were there chicks running around with 3 boyfriends…They were black. If you thought that polygamist lifestyle was just for white people, you were wrong. Apparently, there is a large group of black alternate lifestyle people that have a big pool party every year. Now how Jamie Mack and his wife found their way there (wink, wink), we don’t know. Jamie Mack sees value in the inner workings and considers this a happy way to live. Let’s see if he can convince us.

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