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I Can’t Believe That YOU Can’t Breathe #TNNS39

Is wearing a politically charged t-shirt against NBA policy?
Why can’t anyone keep New Year’s Resolutions?
Why are newly saved christians so adamant about making sure you are righteous?
Why in the world is Diddy beating on Drake?

Why do we even attempt to start our show on time? Jaye Smooth is late once again and Jamie Mack starts off the show pissed. Jaye Smooth Talks about just coming through customs from Australia. He was anally searched at the gate because he tried to smuggle a kangaroo to the US of A. So because of this, he was 2 hours late to the show.

Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth work out the details of their bet and Jamie rubs it in that Jaye made a dumb bet that he would do 500 pushups if the Atlanta Falcons don’t make a 500 record.

Diddy must punch really hard if he is sending people to the ER from punching them in the arm. But he doesn’t hit as hard as Trey Songz. Apparently Trey Songz was allegedly involved in a murder-suicide. Not sure if he was involved but apparently Floyd Mayweather was witnessing on FaceTIme. There is far too much gossip involved for us to delve too far into this one.

Meanwhile the league and more specifically, Lebron James took a stand against police brutality by wearing “I Can’t Breathe” T-Shirts. Is this a publicity stunt to get more attention or is this really to start the dialogue with the world? Is it possible that seeing rich young men with seemingly no reason to buck the system protest, give everyone else the strength to stand up as well.

It is shocking that the league didn’t protest the protest and either fine or force the players to take the shirts off. Playing on a team involves a contract that forces the players to hold themselves to a higher standard. Above all else, they are responsible for keeping the teams’ and the owners’ interest in sight.

Why anyone makes New Year’s Resolutions these days is beyond me. In most cases they don’t even last 30 days. Jamie Mack and B Honest do all but guarantee that Jaye Smooth will not get in shape as his resolution.

Finally, the guys get into a talk about newly saved christians immediately judging everyone to the highest and most strict standards. In fact the conversation gets so heated that we had to edit the show down to preserve Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth’s salvation....


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