I Bought My Car With God-Fire

I Bought My Car With God-Fire

Episode #539 Jaye Smooth gets real intimate in the intro. Jamie Mack wants a do-over. I don’t like racial slurs towards other races. No matter who says them, I am uncomfortable.

Jaye Smooth bought his car online. Have you seen that video where the old people are arguing and the one lady tells the other one that she is unfriending her in person…And she says that this is not how this works? This is how Smooth saying electronic instead of online, is ridiculous. How did you buy your last car?

What’s beef? Beef is when you come straight from the hip.

Kit joins us to discuss the B word vs the N word. Are they the same? Are they even similar? O Dubb Joins to talk about sex trafficking.

I Bought My Car With God-Fire #TNNS539

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