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I Ask The Difficult Questions

The No Nonsense Show Episode #571

After combing the earth and visiting many countries, French Reggy has decided that he wants to be a respected journalist. He brings a new level of journalistic integrity by asking the difficult questions.

Jamie Mack wants to prove that he also watches good movies sometimes. Castaway is the foundation of this topic. If you were thought to be dead for many years and suddenly returned, how would you approach your wife that has moved on with a new husband and kid?

Jaye Smooth only watches a couple of shows. Have you noticed that they all either come on what would be considered a female network like We or Own, or they are obviously shows that only women enjoy? Anyway, Love Is Blind is the center of Smooth's new attention. He even watches shows at his desk. Can you fall in love in 4 days?

I Ask The Difficult Questions #TNNS571

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