I Am Liberal But I Am Not A Liberal #TNNS390

Episode #390 with Misty Flu and Saul

Yes, today I got worked up. Yes, today I lost my composure. Yes, today, I may have pissed someone off. GOOD. We need to be a little bit more uncomfortable. Recent times have brought about a severe change in what liberals are about and what they are supposed to be. I'm all for changing the agenda. Just let everyone know before you adopt all of the issues that I don't want to care about. Kanye West was smeared for thinking that Candace Owens has some good ideas. He was smeared for wanting people to truly think from a free perspective. Well, I watched an hour-long interview with her and I feel the same way. People are so quick to hit the headline and run with the information clip as opposed to really hearing someone's real stance. I'm sick of it. That is just me, B-Honest. I don't speak for French Reggy, Jaye Smooth, or Jamie Mack. This is just me. I am tired of people pretending to care about themselves but when it's all said and done, would really prefer to follow a group of memes rather than do any real work at all to find any truth. That's lazy and unacceptable. People preach how much they love black people, but aren't willing to tell them when they are wrong. Not like anyone is really listening anyway....


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