You are currently viewing The Hunching Heimlich Maneuver #TNNS200 with O Dubb

The Hunching Heimlich Maneuver #TNNS200 with O Dubb

The Hunching Heimlich Maneuver #TNNS200 with O Dubb

Jamie Mack wants to know if you would be comfortable with having a transgendered person in the foxhole with you. I personally don’t feel like it makes a difference who is fighting to keep me alive. I am an equal opportunity victim. A woman that is transitioning to a man will overcompensate and be a valuable asset. A man that is transitioning still has man strength and could be a valuable asset as well. As long as they don't save my life with a hunching Heimlich maneuver, I am cool.

Next, we answer our listener questions. Please submit questions for us. Jaye Smooth submitted the majority of these questions. And they all suck.

O Dubb wants to know why it is so different to turn down your woman for sex. They can turn us down 364 days (you always get sex on your birthday). But if there is a day that they do want it, they expect us to comply. Sometimes we have bubble guts. Sometimes we aren’t in the mood. Sometimes we just don’t feel like it. Yet another double standard.

Lastly, Jaye Smooth pretends that he has a serious topic. He pretends that he is interested in you learning that your woman was only interested in you for your money after you are married for a few years. As it turns out (after my long explanation)we find out that this is just a jab at Jamie Mack. Along the way, I reveal that Jaye Smooth actually believes that every woman wants him....


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