Hugging The Man That Sexually Assaulted Me #TNNS305

Hugging The Man That Sexually Assaulted Me #TNNS305

Most of us are creeping on a come up. Having an old rich relative that is about to kick the proverbial can will make you want to root for their demise. Seriously, how long could you wait him out before getting annoyed with your inheritance clinging on to life? Personally, he needs to just let go. No one wants to have a bowel movement that someone else has to clean up. Reminds me of the time I had to get a catheter inserted. Speaking of catheters, reminds me of the time I got sounded? If you don’t know what that means, you haven't watched enough porn. Jamie Mack and I have both been sounded by the STD doctor. Jamie Mack stood strong, while mine involved a hunchback tippy-toe man-hug. I’m not ashamed…I give good hugs.

Are we as humans mass murderers? Every day we spend most of our time shortening the earth’s life. We ravage all of the animals and their habitat. Selfishness? Or is there a more cosmic and naturally motivated plan at play?...


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