Hug A Bum, Save A Lice

Episode #538 Before you say anything...YES, I know the singular of Lice is louse. But Hug A Bum, Save A Louse would be an awful title. So...Jamie Mack won't let Tuesday’s topic die. I just want to talk about how he resembles Guru from Gangstarr.

As we know, Jamie Mack has no compassion for his fellow man. He won’t even speak to people in the street. Jamie Mack is the guy that asks women why they are looking so mean. He also wouldn’t stop to check on a man that was crying his eyes out on the corner. He wouldn’t give a bum a hug. He is scared of lice. Actually, he is afraid of jumping lice. Hug a bum and save a lice.

French Reggy joins the show from his classroom. Jamie Mack continues on as if he isn’t broadcasting from a communist country. We are hopeful that while listening to our conversation, they don’t take it out on our young one.

Back to the topic, I don’t think everyone who claims homeless, actually is. For instance sleeping in your car is not homeless. Your car is your home. Sleeping on your friend's couch is not homeless. Did you have to use newspaper as a sheet?

Hug A Bum, Save A Lice #TNNS538


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