How To Make Deflate-Gate Go Away #NNS26

How To Make Deflate-Gate Go Away #NNS26

How To Make Deflate-Gate Go Away #NNS26
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With the NBA Playoffs in Full swing the NFL still somehow remains front and center of the sport world. Just like I predicted on last weeks show, the Patriots and Tom Brady are gonna talk tough but carry a weak stick! You know I get into this, trying to teach Brady the G code on how to handle this from here.

talking NBA and its a fact! The Clippers are jinxed. I discuss how their legendary collapse is only another sign proving that fact. Who’s at fault for it this time?  Doc Rivers, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Donald Sterling? Or is just that the players they have all have limitations currently to their game?

Looking into the future I discuss the Eastern and Western Conference Finals and give my picks and you might be surprised.

The NBA Lottery sent a blessing to my Lakers and is it Jim Buss Proof? I discuss what I think the Lakers should do and how with no David Stern the Lakers were able to get some good Karma which has been missing for w while now.

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