How Many Hookers Has Jaye Smooth Killed? TNNS93

How Many Hookers Has Jaye Smooth Killed? TNNS93

Mr Spann expresses his opinion on BPU
Lashae is a print watcher
Choking women for sexual pleasure
Health benefits associated with sex
Polygamy and the sister wife

We start this show off with an addendum to the original show. Mr Spann called in and voiced his opinions on the Racial Rachel Dolezal case.
Directly after this and trust me, coincidentally, we hear from Lashae. She wants to continue the discussion about print watching. Kit she is calling you out! We discuss women's mouths watering when they see our prints. This is a no judge zone. So hey, do what you do.
Next Jaye smooth tells us about his research into choking women for sexual pleasure. He wants to provide insight into ways for our listeners to enhance their sex life with near death experiences during sex.
Jaye Smooth continues his research and wants to discuss the health benefits associated with sex. He lists several reasons to have sex from a very reputable source.
Lastly, I want to talk about polygamy in modern society. We pulled a clip from a young black woman who is super selling polygamy. She lists the reasons why she thinks it is a good idea and wants to spread the word. So, of course, we have to put in our two cents....


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