How Long Should You Leave Nair On Your Balls? #TNNS353

Episode #353

Jaye Smooth came to the show wearing joggers. Now if you know this show well, you know that Smooth is always ragging on French Reggy about his fashion. This includes joggers. His excuse is that he has had them for a while but didn't wear them because they show off his print. You are probably wondering why he chose to selectively wear them to a show with all guys, aren't you? I try to explain that all sweatpants these days are joggers. Jamie Mack disagrees. But then again, he is shopping in Wal-Mart. Walmart still has baggy jeans and tall tees.

2018 is upon us. Jamie Mack wants to talk weakest links. Who do you think he feels is a weak link? Before he can direct his accusation, I get upset with the complacency of my co-hosts and guest, Two. I personally cannot be the weakest link. No excuses. They think that being the 12th man on the Golden State Warriors 73-9 team is okay. Shoot a little higher.

I recognize that women are on the uptick. In all of the confusion, they are trying to grasp for any step to get higher. The fallout includes extending innocuous flirtation into rape culture. Semi-innocent guys get charged with the worst allegations and whether or not due process proves them criminal, the damage is done. I want to help usher the power shift in. What things can we do to help women make this move without crushing every man in the way? My table mates do not let this conversation happen.

Jaye Smooth would rather talk more about his Nair and body waxing exploits. He thrives for this attention. He apparently has given up Brazilian waxes for Nair. A friend of a friend told him that it was perfectly safe to put this chemical hair stripper on his balls. He even has an application, do housework, rinse-off ritual. It is no wonder all of his parts don't work. Would someone please write in to the show and let him know that this is not safe.



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