You are currently viewing How I Got A BBC In My BBM #TNNS141

How I Got A BBC In My BBM #TNNS141

How I Got A BBC In My BBM #TNNS141

Church gives back
Is owning a home still valuable
Social media is fake
BBCs in the BBM
Guys putting women in the friend zone

Jamie Mack wants me to believe that this one church is holy because they gave away money to their congregation. So let me get this right…One day, one church gives back some of the money that they take from their members on every other occasion? Not biting. Jaye Smooth tries to tell a similar story, but we get lost in the process. I compare this to an energy company in Texas. None of them are holy, actually. Probably just trying to avoid jail for some laundering scam or something.

Next up is home ownership. In 2015 is it still a rite of passage to own a home? Have we uncovered that this is yet another way to keep people in supreme debt? After hearing our complaints, are you still rushing to meet our culture's expectations to own something?

Jamie Mack uses this opportunity to complain about his new rodent friend that has taken up slumber in his attic and gutter.

Social Media is ruining society and it has even affected Jamie Mack. He is new to Twitter and it has already become old to him.

This reminds me of the day I mistakenly joined a gay/bi/curious BBM group. I should have known better, but my naiveté took the word curious out of context. I really thought I was gonna learn something. Boy did I ever…

Jamie Mack, but especially Jaye Smooth really get a kick out of joking me. This is obviously payback from Lord Snooty calling him out. In any event, I am a nice enough guy to allow Smooth to get his dignity back.

Anyway, Jamie Mack has finally realized that everyone is lying on social media.

Jaye Smooth wants to end the show talking about a method to put a woman in the friend zone. First of all, dudes do not put women in the friend zone. That is a female thing. Oh well, Jaye Smooth almost made it through one show without any suspect behavior....


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