You are currently viewing How Happiness Kills The Culture #TNNS240

How Happiness Kills The Culture #TNNS240

How Happiness Kills The Culture #TNNS240
The beginning of this episode is a little erratic. From eating black to brushing your teeth before going to the dentist, we intro this episode in true TNNS fashion.

Jaye Smooth is so pretentious. He makes fun of people with no teeth and then starts in on how white his teeth are. Does he also bleach his skin?Jamie Mack plans on running for local office. Jaye Smooth thinks that being a weed smoker and criminal places Jamie Mack in perfect shape for the office.

Are you ready to be pissed off? If you are part of the sensitivity police, you probably will be. Does Jamaica have it figured out? They don't allow gayness in any form. There may be some weight to their ideals. I mean we have become a very inclusive society. But we can't dismiss the idea that there are some issues with gay procreation. At what point does survival of the culture become an issue?

Last we answer our Question-The-Nonsense questions. Make sure you send in questions that you want us to answer....


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