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How Do You Not Give Umanity?

The No Nonsense Show Episode #596

So it would seem that Smooth's daughter has started listening to the show. At least my daughter was grown when she started listening. Is this the beginning of the New Smooth we have been promised for years? At some point he is going to have to repent.

Kit challenges Dr Mack to some Smooth trivia. I refuse to call it fatten up because the questions are still half baked.

Jamie Mack wants to know if we would have the heart to assisted suicide someone. Not for free. He is willing to give us 1000 dollars to lighten our load. We most likely all do have a price for this type of activity. Smooth is holding in a lit of anger. The choice he picks has a malicious undertone.

French Reggy is torn between purpose and passion. Can you have one without the other? Does one come first? Can they be different? Which one takes priority. Jamie Mack makes the mistake of bringing religion into the conversation. I can't resist. Speaking of Karma, we have to keep the same energy when what goes around, comes around. Either way, Reggy Gives Humanity because he can't not give humanity.

How Do You Not Give Umanity? #TNNS596

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