You are currently viewing How Do You Know If Your Sex Is Boring #TNNS77 with guest, Rose

How Do You Know If Your Sex Is Boring #TNNS77 with guest, Rose

Jaye Smooth's ex from 10 years ago rejoins the show.

Jamie Mack starts the show off throwing insults at anyone who would choose the profession of debt collector. What type of person does this job? Could you harass an old woman into paying a debt that she owes?

Jaye Smooth brings up the hypothetical situation that a woman from your past comes back into your life many years after you broke up. She is with two children. She tells you that both are yours. Then he thickens the plot. He adds that one of them is homosexual and the other is mentally handicapped. Only Jaye can create this type of hypothetical.

Next, we discuss faking orgasms and boring sex. What is the psychology behind faking? Can men fake it also? Email us with any stories where you have faked it. Also, can you even tell if your sex is boring? You may be boring and not know it.

Next topic is how long of a time period is too long to get back with an ex? Is it okay to give someone from your past another chance? Even if it has been a long time?...


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