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How Deep Is Your Love And Other Songs From My Sex Tape #TNNS142

How Deep Is Your Love And Other Songs From My Sex Tape #TNNS142

Saint Sandman
F**k Tape selections
Combat for women

Jamie Mack tells us about his cross-country trip to pick up his mother from Oklahoma. Her dog, Sandman rode with them in a child seat. Everyone treating their dogs like humans do things like this. However, when they get back to Atlanta, the dog gets drunk (like a human), but obviously can’t handle his liquor and wanders out into oncoming traffic. 4 hours and 15 stitches later, the dog is just fine and Jamie Mack is asking the pope to make this dog a saint because this must be a miracle. No miracle because everyone knows that drunk people do not get hurt in car accidents.

Next, we discuss taking it old school and having sex to music. Remember those good old days when you used to spend hours selecting the proper songs and play order for 15 minutes of sex? We also pick our favorite song from the list. Jaye Smooth can’t decide on just one and gives us his rendition of a few of them. Then he gives us a play by play of how the encounter would go.

Last we talk about women being allowed to fight in combat roles in the military. Now that women are legally cleared to be special forces and hold infantry positions, are we really willing to let them cover our 6? What about cops? How comfortable are you letting your wife patrol the streets?...


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