You are currently viewing Homeless People Can Afford Cell Phones #TNNS72 with our guest Coco

Homeless People Can Afford Cell Phones #TNNS72 with our guest Coco

I start the show blasting the dark skinned chick that asked us all to not support Kendrick Lamar because he decided to propose to his longtime light skinned girlfriend. How does this make him a fake activist? So one of the only artists we have right now that is willing to make a socially conscious body of work is the artist she goes at? Get the fudge out of here. Black people of all shades, please don't listen to this woman’s nonsense.

Jaye Smooth tries to make it two in a row against me in No Nonsense Trivia. Win or lose, he will be fattened up with knowledge.

Our first topic is the hypothetical situation of black people banding together and setting up a reservation similar to Native Americans. Group economics seems to be the only way for us to ever overcome the oppression. Is this a viable option? Can we get along? Do we even like each other enough to work together to reach this goal?

Next Jamie Mack brings up a real-life purge situation. He is interested in whether or not people would really participate in this. Surprisingly our guest has a couple of people including a woman that she works with that could easily get it. This topic is mostly unrealistic because most people would probably stay inside and out of harm's way. But the lies are hilarious.

Jaye Smooth starts the next segment off with a lie. Are you surprised? Jaye begins this topic with sympathy for the homeless. Apparently, there are people who make hateful tweets about the homeless. He researched this topic and even printed off information listing 10 facts that most people do not know about homeless people. Don’t worry, it goes downhill from here. In the end, you will scratch your head to figure out what Jaye Smooth’s position is....


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