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Hey Siri, Watch Me Get My A$# Whooped

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Hey Siri, Watch Me Get My A$# Whooped

The No Nonsense Show Episode #601

On the heels of Juneteenth and Father’s Day, our show wants to give a shout out to black fathers…and Peurto Rican fathers. I’m just glad we can call out from work on Juneteenth now.

Jaye Smooth found a new app on iPhone that allows him to use Siri to record a police stop. Too bad his iCloud storage is full. No one will get that email.

Has anyone else been hearing all of these fireworks? Every night? I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories, but something’s afoot. Turns out, the country is all the same. Fireworks have been going off every night in many places.

Reggy is sure that the T-Mobile outage last week was an opportunity for the services to install a Covid tracker on everyone’s phone. Is this a good tool or one to be aware of. Jamie Mack is all for technology. I don’t need to know who has Corona if I stay at home.

Meanwhile, I am the only one on the show that will stand up and take a sacrifice for all of black people in this country.

Do you want to support the cause? Purchase a No Nonsense Policy T-shirt. 100% of the proceeds go to a charity that advocates for equity (charity to be determined).

Hey Siri, Watch Me Get My A$# Whooped #TNNS601

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