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Here Comes The Taser

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Here Comes The Taser

The No Nonsense Show Episode #619

Happy Kobe Day! 8/24 has now been deemed Kobe Day! One of the best ever now has a day! Mack hopes that you are playing one on one with all of the greats in heaven.

Unemployment bonus payout is still not being payed. Congress has not passed the bill. Jamie Mack and I get in an argument about whether or not Trump is a publicity stunt. Of course he is, but we argue nonetheless.

Officers respond to a bottle being thrown at a car and threatening a kid. Today’s climate has people thinking that resisting arrest is what you are supposed to do. More recently, many videos are showing people trying to explain to police why they are NOT under arrest. This particular case ended with a young woman sitting in the bushes with the taser strings dangling from her body. The cop told her the taser was coming.

In a separate case, another black man has been shot in the back. We need the details, but not before NBA players are shouting him out in the post game interview. Is there any accountability on either side?

Here Comes The Taser #TNNS619

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