You are currently viewing Help Me Fill My Girl’s Love Hole #TNNS255

Help Me Fill My Girl’s Love Hole #TNNS255

Help Me Fill My Girl’s Love Hole #TNNS255

O Dubb is back and as usual, my job is more difficult when he is. The amount of ADHD is increased incredibly when he is here. So if you can’t hear every word…you know why. O Dubb lets us know that he is a one woman man. Jamie Mack gets him to immediately start talking about his favorite subject…sex. Jaye Smooth proves that he is a man of the people by plugging up any loose vaginas. So if you are having a problem filling your woman up, he will step in and make sure no air gets around the edges.

Mister J joins us for Music Trivia.

Jaye Smooth wants to talk about a friendship in shambles. He first uses me and O Dubb as an example. This didn't work, so he changes gears and uses fake names to protect the innocent. We try to focus as long as we can but then just talk about Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth fighting. I think we figured out a way to handicap the fight so that Jaye’s healing knee isn’t a factor.

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