You are currently viewing Head Until She Throws Up…With Chunks #TNNS152

Head Until She Throws Up…With Chunks #TNNS152

Head Until She Throws Up…With Chunks #TNNS152

Stacey Dash can still get smashed
choking with chunks
New "Back To Africa" Movement
Can our human rights be revoked

We start the show off listening to a listener voicemail. Baylor The Great wants to know how we feel about Stacey Dash and her recent comments. I am not sure why everyone is so mad at her. I think everyone should get an opinion. It doesn’t make her less black to feel the way she does. When are we going to allow people to not agree with us? Our caller also would like to know if we would still smash Dash even though we don’t agree with her politically. Is that a real question? I think it goes without saying that she is a beautiful woman on the outside. Either way, Stacey, keep doing you. I support the right for you to say what you want even if I don’t agree with you.

We talk about choking someone. What is the best way to choke someone? The answer IS NOT a rope. Would you still want to smash if your girl throws up from choking on your sausage? Can you keep it up through the chunks?

Is there a new “Back To Africa” movement forming? It seems like with all the protests and #thisandthat life matters happening, at some point, black people are going to paint themselves into a corner. The only place left to go will be Africa. Why not go ahead and get ahead of the game? Do you think that the US will be the same as it is now in 20 years? Will black people ever be equal in this country? I’m betting not. If we ever get 40 acres it will probably be in Wyoming.

Where do we get our rights from? Are they something given to us by our creator? Does the government provide us our rights? How easy would it be to have your rights taken? Jamie Mack made me sad with this topic. We have all signed a social contract that restricts us to certain things while providing the way of life we are all comfortable with. To be honest this concept is scary. Anything can be revoked at any time....


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