He Had the Hands of a Farmer

He Had the Hands of a Farmer

He Had the Hands of a Farmer

The No Nonsense Show Episode #572

Jaye Smooth caused us to start the show late tonight because he mistook a fart for something else. French Reggy had no problem using the restroom immediately after him. Never before has he seemed more foreign.

For those of you that have followed the show for a while, you know that one day French Reggy disappeared to a corner of the room to answer a FaceTime call. Smooth eventually walked up on him and saw that Reggy was FaceTiming a male friend that was shirtless. He doesn’t see the error in his ways. So we finally got around to making it a topic.

French Reggy also brings along a man hating woman’s quote about men being homoerotic. In her mind men love men and only use women for sex. So in her mind that makes men what?

My wife decided to sign up for a Massage membership and got her first massage from a man. Am I tripping or is this a conversation that should be had before laying on the bed? Smooth and Mack agree that it is a sensual thing. French Reggy tells us about his massage journey through China where he remembers being very fond of his masseur that had the hands of a farmer.

He Had the Hands of a Farmer #TNNS572

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