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Hate Privilege

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Hate Privilege

The No Nonsense Show Episode #668

Smooth was probably touched by his scout master. We didn’t know that until this episode. Now we can’t go back to an unmolested Smooth. Sadly, hurt people hurt people. So now we may have uncovered why he is so terrible in relationships.

French has proof that Haitians get kidnapped easily. One day on Facebook Live, a group of churchgoers were abruptly interrupted from their praise. This has to be the slowest kidnapping history. One choir member continued to sing during the kidnapping. She was one of the people getting kidnapped.

We challenged French Reggy to bring receipts of all of the Asian hate crimes he said were happening. He didn’t bring stats. Well, he didn’t bring stats that supported his case. In fact, one state went from 6 crimes in a year 14 crimes in the next. But the news is just using percents as opposed to raw data. Do Asians have hate privilege? Laws are being passed.

Are you middle classed? I don’t think most people know how close or far they are from the middle class. We learn that we are all privileged on this show. Who do you think is the most privileged? If you guessed Reggy, you would be correct.

Hate Privilege #TNNS668

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