It’s Hard To Spoon A Fake Booty #TNNS214

It’s Hard To Spoon A Fake Booty #TNNS214

It’s Hard To Spoon A Fake Booty #TNNS214

Jamie Mack thinks it would be interesting to use conjoined twins as sister wives. As if you could just get a sister wife combo pack or starter kit. I’m not feeling it, but let’s hear his argument. No good decision can be made without separating the pros and cons. Jays Smooth figures that if one of the twins happened to be a man, we could throw that on the pro list.

While we are talking about weird sex, I remember walking in on my wife totally turned on by whatever she was watching on TV. As I made my way around the living room and could see what she was watching, I was confused. Vampire sex all over the TV. I didn’t realize my wife was into biting and blood.

No Nonsense Trivia this episode is another musical test. This is the type of music you would hear at any black Bar-B-Que on the south side of the city. Jays Smooth wants to at least let us hear the trivia selections he was planning to use today. He had planned to use “songs that we would sing to our wife” as a theme. But clearly, he has no idea what to sing to a wife. One of the songs is Poison - BBD.

Next Jaye Smooth wants to talk about skin bleaching. He has a problem with a woman taking steps to making herself as beautiful as she wants to be. I am totally off the plastic hate bandwagon. If women want to fill their bodies with plastic and silicone, I am all for it. If a woman wants to bleach her skin including her anus, I am for it. However, once you get the huge butt surgery you forfeit your right and ability to get spooned at night.

Although Jaye Smooth doesn't want a fake woman, he is all for women with just nipples (no titty meat) going and getting double DD surgery. The only reason is so that her bra can be pulled under her breasts.

Last we discuss the possibility of dating someone much smarter or dumber than us. Guess who gets offended?...


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