Happy! Single! Successful? #TNNS432

Episode #432

I am mad about someone stealing my credit to buy Coach. Jamie Mack feels like this is a first world problem. I should let them live with the goodies my credit can afford. I promise there would be violence if I could locate the scumbag responsible.

French Reggy wants to know if single women are truly happy. If you pay attention to social media, you would believe so. But is this all just skin deep? Does the happiness stop with the camera click? Why isn't anyone taking sad and realistic pictures on the Gram? Mediocrity doesn't garner followers...maybe
 I think there is a correlation between women that are all for the sisterhood and being single or having a weak man. They will have you believe that only a strong man would support his woman and let her be part of these movements. But I think it may be quite the opposite. A strong man is looking at his woman with the gas face. Not really sure why you are out in the street with these women, but hurry up and get home. We have a family to raise. Just look at the hashtags. Women's tags are full of independence, solidarity, all by myself, happy and single, BOSS (lol). Remove the Boss hashtag and you will never see a man hashtag any of this. Men don't want to be alone. We know we wouldn't be happy. Are women pretending?



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