What Happens On The Casting Couch, Stays On The Casting Couch #TNNS332

Episode #332

Jaye Smooth is out of town. Jamie Mack had a work emergency. But French Reggy and O Dubb are here to hold it down with me. French Reggy wants to talk about reckless powerful men using their influence to force their sexual agenda on young starlets. Do you know how hard it is to make it in the world as a man? I don't think ladies do. They figure since we have it better than them in the business world, that we have it good. Better than women is not necessarily good. There are a lot of stages between women and good. If only we could have sex with a woman to get a bump in our respective industries?All men are taking that deal. Plain and simple. If you choose to give it up to advance your career, we don't feel sorry for you.

O Dubb thinks that men have an easier time finding true love after breaking up with a woman. His rationale is that there are more needy women in the world than men. He also thinks of himself as a prize to any woman he decides to throw the towel in for. I'm not so sure. I think there is an emergency Ding-a-ling in a glass just waiting on your woman to be free for one night.

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