You are currently viewing Handshakes For Herpes #TNNS251

Handshakes For Herpes #TNNS251

Handshakes For Herpes #TNNS251

Jamie Mack is afraid of people with anything attached to their lip. This includes cuts, scrapes, burns, abrasions, blisters, sores, crust, dried food, etc. No matter what you got, he is calling it herpes. He won’t look at you or touch you in fear of contracting the bumps. Now he has sworn to only giving pounds in place of shaking hands.

I too used to hate seeing people come to school or work with a washcloth that they hold over their face ALL DAY LONG. We already know you are bumped up. Just own it.

Jaye Smooth tells us about his days of stealing cold sore medicine and his method now of beating the bump.

Snowflake Joins us for No Nonsense Trivia. But first Jaye Smooth has to take his shot. Fail! But before she leaves she gives us her best rap verse.

Baylor The Great calls in to campaign.

What do you do if you find out your new girlfriend, that you happen to be in love with, finds out that she got pregnant just before you two got together? Are we keeping the baby? Are we staying together? I can’t take the pressure. What about pretending that she isn't pregnant? Maybe it will go away. Will an abortion save the relationship?

This week we bring back Good With the Bad as a segment. For those that know…#FTF

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