You are currently viewing Guess Where She Lost Her Tampon #TNNS194

Guess Where She Lost Her Tampon #TNNS194

We break a piece off in Jamie Mack's ass about Lebron beating his team in the finals. Besides that, he stood us up for the Game 7 Get Together and he wants to explain why. Something about bubble guts and tequila...blah blah blah. Oh and he fished a tampon out of his toilet. Whatever, dude. You can't call in sick to a party. Especially when you were the one that asked for it to happen.

Jamie Mack relates to insane people. He wants to see if he can manage to get Jaye Smooth to rationalize. He would much rather discuss how bad Jamie's topic is. With all of the crazy things people are doing these days, Jamie wants to know if we can see any of it from the crazy perspective. If so, is it really that crazy?

We play and read listener feedback.

Next, we get into our listener participation segment. This week we discuss our worst sexual experiences. We even rate them on a scale of awfulness. It goes from blood to loose to smelly. This would include someone that forgot where they put their tampon...for days.

Finally, if you have listened to our show for a while, you know that Jaye Smooth hates women. He wants to discuss his discomfort with the idea that a woman will soon be president. He is afraid that women everywhere will now get the itch to be in charge of everything. This is probably just another last minute topic from Smooth....


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