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Guardians Of The Fallacy #BoBs008

Episode #8

There is an unspoken "belief" that people can't govern themselves. Because of that, it is left to the social justice warriors to decide who is fit to be alive and prosper and who should be fired and vanish into obscurity. No one is safe. Not even when you are in an alternate universe. KingKunta is always speaking of this Marvel Universe as if it is a special place. Well, it must not be safe enough because the SJW's are coming for one of the directors. He made jokes about pedophilia 10 years ago and now must pay for his sins. Will KingKunta be able to reconcile this and sign the petition to keep James Gunn employed by the studio? Or will he join the ranks of SJW's calling for his head? Either way it goes, it is a fallacy to think that because you make people stop Tweeting things, that they will stop thinking about them. No one needs social to keep them straight and narrow.

Besides that, we get into LA Bron talk and new music. Happy belated to me! What did I get? Tune in....


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