Guaranteed Fraud

Guaranteed Fraud

Black On Both Sides
Guaranteed Fraud

Episode #61 Tatiana was just playing video games In her home and was killed for doing so. Her neighbor saw her doors open and lights on and called the police for a welfare check. Kunta sees bias at the very least. I see a problem with process. What exactly are the rules of engagement for Ft. Worth police officers in welfare service calls?

I’m not sure how Giuliani is moving behind the scenes, but by now it must be obvious that he is definitely a high level player within the high privacy walls of this cabinet (I am seeing heavy similarities to Chaney). Well this week is no different. He is isolating himself as the fall guy.  Up to and including his Ukrainian underlings creating a company called Fraud Guarantee. Are you serious? That is the name of the company?

Speaking of high walls. Trump has mandated that no one associated with him provide any assistance to the investigation to impeach him. Things are literally falling off the walls of this presidency. Do they have enough to impeach?

Foreign policy is not his strong suit. He proves this by removing our troops from Syria and destabilizing the entire region. Now no one on shore or off-shore like this guy. Last week is probably going to be a blur. Hang on and listen in.

Guaranteed Fraud #BOBS061

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