Growing Back Your Foreskin

The No Nonsense Show Episode #565

French Reggy may have the Haitian mutation of the corona virus. Instead of passing out and bleeding from the eyes, Reg is getting more powerful. His PREEEEEEEMIUMMMMMMMMM was back 2 back. Strong like some uncircumcised meat. You will get that when you listen.

Let's just say we get into a convo about why foreskin meat is popping. And how you can potentially grow your foreskin back.

Jamie Mack wants to know if the relationship is worth keeping if you are always the person that has to initiate sex. Not 70/30...Not 60/40...I'm talking bout a 50/50 Love.

Weed advocates are making headway in getting the nation to legalize weed. But is the weed of today still something we want legalized? This is not your grandfather's weed.

Growing Back Your Foreskin #TNNS565

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