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Grenadine in his Corona

The No Nonsense Show Episode #606

French Reggy has to give Jamie Mack a lesson in Hong Kong sovereignty. Jamie Mack is less convinced that Reggy ever went to China. They are cancelling all American Sport teams with a Native American mascots. In light of that, and the voice actors that aren't the same race as the character they play, deciding to pass on those roles...Do wee need to cancel Hong Kong Phooey?

I find personal pleasure in the episodes where I get Smooth upset. In this episode, it is done over the idea of what Smooth adds to his Beer.

Jamie Mack thinks that people with special needs, no matter what the specialty is, should not procreate. But that means that Smooth wouldn't be a two time dad.

French Reggy wants to dissect the idea that we are driving our police force away. What would our world look like without a police force? Also, what is going on in Atlanta? So many dead over the 4th of July Weekend.

Grenadine in his Corona #TNNS606

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