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Grading On A Curve

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Grading On A Curve

The No Nonsense Show Episode #703

If you wanted extensive show notes, don’t bother. This is one of those shows where we never really got a chance to get into a topic. But you will be glad that we didn’t because for French’s 27th birthday he got a great present. You know how every time he brings a guest on the show, they don’t hold him down? Every friend he brings on either doesn’t reciprocate his willingness to jump in front of a bullet for each other or doesn’t back him up on obviously made up out of town stories. Well this time he found a keeper. He tells us that his girl rates him highly when it comes to head-game. So we call her up.

Guess what??? She holds him down! Buuuuuuuuuuut….Not to my standards. I need clarification. And what ensues is a crash course in what the rolling R does for cunnilingus. Maybe we fattened up two somebody’s on this show. Needless to say she didn’t give French a 10 out of 10 but we found out she is grading on a curve.

We briefly touched on Apple’s new digital legacy contact feature where you let apple know who your legacy contact is and when you die they can request a special key to unlock your iCloud and gain access to your entire digital world.

Mack brings up Loose lips sinking ships and his ADHD doesn’t let us finish. However, we do learn about the Gnostics.

Grading On A Curve #TNNS703

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