If I Gotta Go Hard In A Romper I’ma Make It Look Sexy #TNNS288

If I Gotta Go Hard In A Romper I’ma Make It Look Sexy #TNNS288

Jamie Mack shows up on his third energy drink of the day. In case you didn’t know it when you drink too much energy drink, you have no energy. In the process of getting things going, he brings up annoying voices. Can you be with a woman or man whose voice bothers you? I feel this way about British accents. It’s all good when she is talking in that sexy tone. But how long can you listen to a woman nag you speaking the king’s English? Not very long I bet.

Next, we answer a question from our listeners about the etiquette of marrying a person with kids. Does there need to be a discussion between the parent of your kids and your spouse to be? How does this effect co-parenting?

Fresh off of my timeline, we respond to a man who doesn't want to be a dad to his kids and feels like he is justified. How do you feel about a man that will financially care for his kids but not want to be there in person? Do social norms have anything to do with the hate he got in his comments or is he just a deadbeat?

Last we must speak on the new Romper for men trend. It seems that many people have found their cause in life. It is to battle any young man that is satisfied enough with his body that he is willing to put on a romper.

I know.

I agree.

This shouldn't even be a topic. But so many of you are losing your mind, we had to say something. Let us walk you done this path to acceptance.

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