I Got Molested Too #TNNS330


Episode #330

The Smooth gene is all over this show. Jaye Smooth brings his real-life cousin into the show and he begins our show telling us that he has lied to get sex. But his lie was in perfect Smooth fashion. The girl told him that she had been molested. So, of course, Yancey told her that he had been molested also. Jaye Smooth and his family all agree that there are no restrictions when it comes to sealing the deal. Jaye Smooth is wondering if there are any physical attributes that would prevent us from having sex with a woman. I’m turning down my collar and anything below a 5. I’m too rich to have sex with 4’s.

The Boy Scouts Of America are now The Scouts of America. Everyone must be confused. How can a girl be a BOYscout? Everyone on our show agrees this is a bad idea…except for Jamie Mack. He sees value in having young girls at camp. Can you guess why?


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