You are currently viewing We Got Fired By Jaye Smooth #TNNS268

We Got Fired By Jaye Smooth #TNNS268

We Got Fired By Jaye Smooth #TNNS268

Jaye Smooth is totally in control of this show. He is the producer, the writer, and the host. He even kicked me and Jamie Mack out of the studio to do the first segment. So we will be hearing it with you. He only asked that I add motivational music to the segment. Are you as worried as I am? Just kidding. I am not worried at all!?! Jaye Smooth will come through. Just don’t blame me if he doesn’t.

So on to the next segment. We are talking about a teacher that is getting into trouble because one of her kids filmed sex acts on the school tablet. Now I don’t know about you, but my kids are on devices all day long. I have no idea the depths to which they venture online. Truthfully, I don’t want to know. Nonetheless, I am not responsible for them creating pornography.

Either way, Jaye Smooth completed his first produced show.

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