Good vs Evil? Is That What Mayweather/Pacquiao Has Come To? #NNS23

On todays show I discuss the scene at Camden Yards when they Orioles played the White Sox in front of Zero fans… Why is this important to sport fans?

The NFL draft starts tonight and then goes on for 4 days… I discuss everything from Winston to Marriota, to Ray and really whats important, why does the Draft start on a Thursday??

Mayweather vs Pacquiao is this weekend and I think this is the the fight we’ve been waiting for! I talk about what I think the outcome will be, and how different both of the boxers are approaching this fight as opposed to how they have approached fights in the past.

Is the 1st round of the NBA playoffs too long? I sure think so and give my opinion on what NBA should do to make it right. I also talk about some of the 2nd Rd match-ups especially the Warriors vs Grizzlies. Who’s the favorite in the east now with all the injuries?