Good Ju Ju Gets You A Good Wife #TNNS327

Episode #327

Jaye Smooth is afraid of women. He has proven on more than one occasion that he is not built for the player life he pretends to enjoy. Not to mention that he doesn't set his friends up with good women. I have been the sad wingman on several occasions. I am actually a great friend. In fact, I believe that my good karma is the reason why my relationship is so great now. Of course, O Dubb and Jaye Smooth disagree. All the bad Ju Ju they have released into the world makes them feel bad.

We are continuing the vegan theme. I want to know what a vegan graduates to. First, you stop eating fried food. Then you cut out sugars. Next, you become vegetarian. Before long you have to be a vegan just to stay regular. So what’s the next step? What about soy and micronutrient based liquid? It isn't food at all. It is the un-food.

Jaye Smooth reveals that he is taking testosterone supplements for his “Muscle Repair”. His snapback is brutal nowadays. How could we let this pass? We can’t. Of course, we can’t. In fact, it spills over into the next topic. I’m serious…we couldn’t let it pass.

French Reggy wants to talk about new age imagination. Recently he heard that Toys R Us is closing and he wonders what the kids of tomorrow will use to create worlds to play in. I think back to when I was a kid and how much of what we did required nothing more than our hands and feet. Will the integration age ruin that?



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