Good Guy Rapist

Episode #526 We really love you guys. Thank you for being premium subscribers. But not enough to make you sister wives if you are 5'4", 380. Jamie Mack will accept applications if you are 180. Good luck.

Its hurricane season and Jamie Mack is still convinced that there was not actually a hurricane. How could it just target the Bahamas and stop there? He proves to me that clouds are an important part of hurricanes. So I have to let him know that happily is a word. We are both right.

Jamie Mack wants to discuss marketing with the NOI. Don't think you are going to sell something called a bean pie. He wouldn't know if it is good or not because of its name,

Do ugly women get sexually harassed? Is rape in the eye of the beholder? Smooth has a high level of nuance understanding when it comes to sexual advances.If you have to be sexually harassed, Smooth wants to make sure a good guy is doing it. He brings gifts too. Please wear your headphones. You will want to make sure you are the only one that hears this gift.

Good Guy Rapist #TNNS526


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