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Good Guy, Dirty D

Good Guy, Dirty D

The No Nonsense Show Episode #575

We couldn’t keep the Nonsense away from you if we tried. Since we missed you on Friday, we had to do a live show for this week.

Jamie Mack wants to know which celebrity house we would be willing to self quarantine ourselves in. We also figure out who would be most likely to break the quarantine to get trivial things.

Smooth loves dying on the good guy hill, so have a few callers wanting to debate whether Smooth is a good guy. One of them agrees he is a good guy with a dirty d.

Good Guy, Dirty D #TNNS575

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  1. TwanTwizzle

    First off want to send my deepest condoles to the family of the child that lost their life. My heart and prayers goes out to them. I want to say thank you to youll for being such a comedy relief in such a trying time. I look forward to youll every Tuesday’s and fridays. I share every chance I get on Facebook cause you’ll need to be heard by more. I know it’s hard for you’ll doing things the way you’ll have to now but please believe I really appreciate it. Keep the laughs coming fellas.

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