You are currently viewing God Should Have Given You The Bullets #TNNS118

God Should Have Given You The Bullets #TNNS118

No Nonsense Boxing
Annual Muslim Tragedy
Why didn't we get bullets

Jaye Smooth and Jamie Mack start the show off arguing about the boxing match that is supposed to happen between them. We never even got to our intro topic, but the entertainment value alone required that we not cut it out. We should have footage of this event before the end of the year.
Jaye Smooth and Jame Mack battle in No Nonsense Trivia
Jamie mack wants to talk about the recent hajj in mecca where 700 Muslims died. There were also 800 people injured in the stampede that actually happens often. Jamie Mack wants to know why everyone continues to go if there is the great chance that you will be stampeded. I want to know why you would want to throw pebbles at the devil.
Somehow this led us to a talk about using condoms. This probably has something to do with the presence of O Dubb.
We discuss Latausha Nedd, the Atlanta woman that made idle threats to police officers and average white people. She was arrested and brought up on several felony charges and no bond was set. Is this an intelligent stance to have in the recent climate?
We also talk about the woman who blasted McDonald’s workers about her ice cream and forty cents. Can we send her to a private location where no one has to deal with her anymore? Watch the video here....


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