You are currently viewing God Gets None Of My Powerball Winnings #TNNS149 with Kit and Cream

God Gets None Of My Powerball Winnings #TNNS149 with Kit and Cream

God Gets None Of My Powerball Winnings #TNNS149 with Kit and Cream

Choosing Chosen
Billion Dollar Powerball
Marrying the homies ex bust down

Cam Newton named his son, Chosen. What type of future does this setup for his son? Jaye Smooth would have named his son Chicken only because it comes before Chosen in the dictionary. As hard as it is to become a man or woman in today's culture, wouldn't it be safer to name them a name that can easily get past the interviewer's trash stack?

Jaye Smooth battles Kit in No Nonsense Trivia. Someone got a perfect score. Which one do you think it is?

Too bad we weren't videoing the show. Jaye Smooth gave the wall a table dance. The wall didn't tip.

We briefly discuss the Billion dollar power ball. Jaye Smooth gives us our jobs if he wins the Powerball. I have been demoted from friend to driver. Jamie Mack is a bodyguard. Jaye Smooth is not going to tithe any of it.

Speaking of that, there is a woman who won the lottery and has now bailed her boyfriend out of jail to the tune of 21million dollars. Get it together, sir. Your woman is a millionaire. But she won’t be if you keep getting locked up. When keeping it real goes wrong.

Next, we discuss one of our listener’s topics. NJB from the slack room wants to discuss entering a serious relationship with someone that has had sex with a close friend? I am not sure that there are any qualifications that allow me to wife a homeboys ex-smash-box. I think the key detail is being in a serious relationship with this woman. Date? Yes. Smash? Yes. Wife? Nah, son!

I break away for a second and get to the bottom on of the twin porn myth. Is this really a thing? Do twins really have sex with the same guy, at the same time? Jaye Smooth is also a twin. Do male twins run trains on girls?

Somehow we land on having sex with your wife’s entire family. I guess people who aren’t twins have to do something to keep their relationship exciting also.



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