The Goat Man And His Uncle #TNNS321

The Goat Man And His Uncle #TNNS321

Jamie Mack is willing to touch anyone with any affliction. It is part of his Christian ways. Recently, he was propositioned with a fist bump. In most cases, the way to stay safe in any hand to hand interaction is the traditional fist bump. But this was no ordinary fist bump. This fist belonged to a person with extreme eczema. Jamie Mack, being the great guy that he is, dapped the person up. He didn't know what was on their hand. He just knew he didn't want to be “that guy” who didn’t touch their hand because of fear. The entire way to the bathroom he regretted his decision. He wasn’t settled until he googled what it was. My question is, why put yourself in that situation. Stop being nice to people at a cost to you.

French Reggy tires to get us to talk about great human inventions. But it doesn’t take long for us to find our way back the goat story. He doubles down and even includes a relative via cellphone. Mack has an existential reversal and finally comes to my side. Men don’t turn into goats.

I am tired of being cast into the no man’s land between the alt left and the coon train. It seems that currently, you have to be one or the other as a black person, and it is tiring. We need to create a safe space for the people that want to be pro black without throwing all reason and intelligence out of the window...


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