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Go Green And Recycle The Box #TNNS127

Poster Boy for Obesity
Marrying the pass around
Stay away from celebs

Jaye starts the show off admitting that he is the poster boy for obesity. He is experiencing phantom injuries from normally mundane tasks. Now that he knows he is At Risk, he considers fighting Jamie Mack again. I have no idea why this gave him the idea to fight someone again.
We move to being knocked out and passing out drunk. I tell of a weekend away from the base while I was in the military. The white guys made a penis mural with a passed out guys face.
Jamie mack passed out one time and was manhandled by his friends.
We go old school with Fatten Jaye Up With Knowledge. I am sure you will enjoy it because I created the questions.
Next Jamie Mack wants to discuss whether or not you can marry a chick that your homeboy used to deal with. Rick Ross married a known industry socialite. She took pictures laying all over Meek Mill’s lap. Is there a statute of limitations for dealing with a woman that dealt with someone else in the crew? Is there any way to reconcile your feelings for a woman that has been a little loose with her gifts? Jamie mack would move coasts to get away from this situation.
Last Jamie Mack wants to discuss not going out for fear of getting caught up in some dumb S*@#. His remedy is to stay away from the baller clubs and go to the hole in the wall clubs. ?!??!? Who knows how this rationale works out for him. But it is true. He invited us out to a hole in the wall one time and nobody got shot.
Jaye Smooth blames Ray Lewis for shutting down the fun in Buckhead. We do not agree with him, Ray.
Before we leave we notice that Jaye Smooth has been tweeting like a fan about the show. Of course, we give him hell.



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