You are currently viewing Give Me A Broke Nice Chick Over A Rich B**** #TNNS153

Give Me A Broke Nice Chick Over A Rich B**** #TNNS153

Give Me A Broke Nice Chick Over A Rich B**** #TNNS153

Jamie Mack wants to discuss his bad habits being very similar to his kids' bad habits. If this is true, my kids are in danger of being supreme a-holes. Does this mean that Jaye Smooth’s kids will be rapey? Either way, Mack has a trait that he hopes doesn't get passed down. CRAZY!

We also discuss the reason why some men have boys and some men have more girls. Sorry, you can’t learn this skill. Jaye Smooth uses this to talk about the Olympic committee now accepting transgendered athletes.

Next, we talk about the Aussie guy that singlehandedly breaks up a robbery get away. In fact, he even chases the criminals down the street on foot. Is this an Australian thing? Or is this a white thing? I hate separating white traits form black ones, but you have to admit that most black people are not going to inject themselves into this type of situation.

Last we discuss the eternal dilemma of women selecting a nice guy or a bad boy. We flip it and talk about whether guys want a B**** or a Holly Homemaker. Are most guys willing to put up with a dramatic, nagging, fighting woman that has her financial stuff together? Maybe so....


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